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Kantori Yakitori is a Filipino version of the Japanese yakitori. The name came from a combination of the words kanto and yakitori, which suggests corner yakitori bar. Best to go here drinking sake or beer with the barkada (friends).

An assortment of meats and veggies on a stick. While they do offer yakitori samplers, I prefer to order them separately so that I can choose which ones I like.

Furikake Fries – labelled as a must try so I ordered it. Coated fries with strips of nori.

Cost: P98.00 ($2.08)

Bonjiri(left) or bluntly put, chicken butt on a stick and Shiro(right) chicken intestines cleaned, sliced and placed neatly on a stick.

Cost: Bonjiri- P48.00 ($1.02) Shiro- P48.00 ($1.02)

Sushi Fire Ball – one of their best sellers, it has kimchi rice and cheese inside. Dip it in Japanese Kewpie Sauce.

Cost: P58.00 ($1.23)

Gyu – wagyu on a stick

Cost: P99.00 ($2.10) per stick

The place is cozy and great for small groups of people. There’s a mural inside which added to the Japanese feel of the place. I especially liked the Shiro (chicken intestines) because it’s so much different from the usual isaw that you’d find in the streets. Other than that, everything’s just OK. Would I come back? If it was a hangout with the group, then yes.

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Look from inside the restaurant.

Check out the place here at Google maps. It’s location is at the old Milly’s place.

51 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City
(02) 358 9709
Open: Sunday to Thursday: 5pm to 12mn
Friday to Saturday: 5pm to 2am